Femini Realistic Female Hand SG2

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Your hands are feminized now

Femini SG series glove is the perfect solution to cover your hand with smooth skin instead of rude veins

The material

The SG glove use most advanced medical grade silicone rubber material to cover your hand with smooth and beautiful skin

Replaceable finger nails

The finger nail is replaceable, you can replace your finger nail with different color and patterns, it’s a total feminine fantastic come true.


What’s the difference between SG2 and SG3?

Ans: It’s the detail difference, we have make more details in SG3, better skin color, better skin texture, better touch feeling in SG3.

How many size available for this gloves?

Ans: there’s only one size available.

Does the glove washable?

Ans: yes, you can wash the glove with water, just like normal clothes.

Can wear it whole day?

Ans: yes! If you would like to

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Skin Color

Caucasian, Tan, Light Asian


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