Femini Just fit Vest ST4s-invisible edge, highly stretchable

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Femini Just fit Vest ST4s is an improvement of ST4 and ST5, with more realistic solid and silicone filled breast, give you a most realistic woman outlook and experience real “bouncing” while walking or running

Improvement for ST4!

realistic breast shape and “bouncing”

feeling bouncing when you are walking and running, the ST4s has multi improvements

1. material upgraded(invisible edge, highly stretchable)- with more soft and skin like material, it give us rooms to make the suit more human skin like and gives water drop shape of pairs of breast

2. water drop shape breast- a new molded water drop shape breast, gives bouncing effect while walking and cleverage of any outfit

3. multi skin color available- the suit has 3 new skin color available at this moment,
olive, dark skin and fair skin


Approximate shipping time is 10 business days.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Fairskin, Latin (PANTONE Color 466C), Olive (Original)


G cup, E cup, C cup


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