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FEMINI GIRDLE CP4S is an improved version of CP4!

– Refined voiding and vaginal passage, gaining a new high intravaginal granular wall

– Delicate edges for a thinner seamless design

– Refined skin texture

– New skin tones!

The CP4s girdle has 2 channels!! it’s insertable and penetrable of vagina hole, plus a urination channel which allows you pee while wearing it.

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What’s the difference between CP4

1. newly added vagina channel granular vaginal wall design 3.thinner edge.

What kind of special feature CP4 and CP4S has?

1. 2 channels -The CP4S girdle has 2 channels compared with CP4, it’s insert-able and penetrable of vagina canal, plus a urination canal which allows you pee while wearing it. anus opening can be custom made, please leave comment when you would like to have it.

What’s the most attractive feature of CP4S?

CP4s adds a REAL vagina simulation channel now, you can own your vagina with granular vagina, start to enjoy the sensation of real intercourse, let’s get high!!

newly added vagina channel granular vaginal wall design 3.thinner edge.

Can I stretch fit the girdle?

Ans: the maximum stretch is +5inches, you can stretch fit under this size . we recommend stretch fit.

Does the vagina penetrable?

Ans: yes, the latest silicone technology allows us to best simulate the vagina which allows intercourse and penetrable.

Can I pee while wearing it?

Ans: yes, we have a penis sheath built in, you can pee through anus hole just like woman does!

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg

L size (Waist Size 34~36inches) Max. waist stretch: 53inches, M size (Waist Size 24~28inches, Max. waist stretch: 47inches

Skin Color

Fairskin, Latin (PANTONE Color 466C), Olive (Original)

Pubic Hair Addon

No, Yes – Black color, Yes – Golden Brown color