Femini Girdle CP1 CP2

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Femini Girdle is the most advanced silicone prosthetic in the world!

Life like in appearance and feel, the Femini Girdle is the most advanced silicone prosthetic in the world. Ideal for crossdressing and other fetishes.

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The girdle adds 1.25-inches to each hip, .75-inches to the side of each butt cheek, .5-inches to the back of each butt cheek, .5-inches to the outside of each thigh and .25-inches to the inside of each thigh. The girdle tapers to a thin .125-inches in the crotch and at the openings.

You are free to use pads with the Femini Girdle, if you wear the Femini Girdle over a set of pads the above measurements will double (except at the inner thighs and crotch area).

The girdle is easy to put on and it provides the wearer with a natural bounce and jiggle — just smooth yourself with baby powder and step into it like you would any other girdle… Pulling it up and over your waist.


Can I stretch fit the girdle?

Ans: The maximum waist stretch L size up to 46inches and S size up to 48inches, you can stretch fit under this waist size.

Does the vagina penetrable?

Ans: No, although the vagina hole is being opened, it serves to drain away your pee only, it’s a urination canal.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg

S size (Waist Size 27~35inches, Max. waist stretch: 48inches, L size(Waist Size 34~36inches) Max. waist stretch: 53inches

Skin Color

caucasian, tan, light-asian

Pubic Hair Addon

no, yes—black-color, yes—golden-brown-color


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