Femini Adhesive

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Adhering breast forms to the skin can be greatly assisted with the use of our Femini Adhesive. It is a transparent glue, which temporarily adheres all of our prosthetics directly to human skin – without affecting their ability to flex and move naturally.

To use the adhesive, spread the it evenly onto a flat piece of glass, laminate or plastic. Next, lay the back side of one breast form onto the glass and ensure that an even coating of the mix is applied, then position the form above your own breast and hold it in position for five minutes while the adhesive cures. Repeat the process for the opposite breast.

Note: Femini Adhesive cures rapidly, so only mix enough for one breast at a time.

To remove Femini Adhesive, slowly peel the prosthetic away from the skin and slowly peel the Adhesive off of the Prosthetic.

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